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Workshop Program

This workshop is organised as follows:

Contextualising existing methods and methodologies for DS: 1 hours

In the first activity of this workshop the organisers will introduce current work on DS in LA and other research fields such as Information Visualisation and Human-Centered Design. After the initial opening presentation, we will encourage active participation in small groups for participants to share their perceptions and motivations in terms of the existing DS research and what challenges and opportunities they foresee.

Methods and Methodologies for DS in LA Dashboards: 2 hours

This workshop activity will include 5-minute presentations of current methodological and technical approaches of the use of DS to improve LA interfaces submitted to this workshop (in the form of short papers). Each presenter will explain their technical or methodological approaches and indicate the challenges they have faced running their studies. A variety of research will be welcome during these sessions including: uses or definitions of DS frameworks for LA, studies evaluating LA interfaces enhanced with DS, technical approaches to implementing DS-based LA dashboards and interfaces, or work in progress in general (e.g., LA Dashboards or visual interfaces prototypes using DS).

Reflections and Roadmap: 1 hour

The last part of the workshop will focus on reflecting on the work presented during the session and defining strategies to increase active use of DS in LA research and design practices. As a result of this session, a list of challenges and opportunities will be identified and used to co-create a roadmap to define priorities and main challenges for the DS LA community.