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Call for papers DS-LAK24

This workshop aims to explore methodological (formal and practical) approaches to actively increase DS adoption and impact in the LA community. Thus, this workshop will provide a scenario for participants to reflect and critically discuss the following aspects: What methods and methodologies of DS from other domains are suitable for LA? How can researchers effectively evaluate the impact of DS in LA? How can we automate the process of generating fair and unbiased data stories? To start, the organisers of the workshop will provide a review of lessons learnt from using DS to support stakeholders’ interpretations of visual interfaces from the current literature in LA and other research fields such as Information Visualization (InfoVis) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). This review will be a starting point to open the discussion with participants regarding challenges (e.g., automate DS according to particular needs) and opportunities (e.g., the use of AI to generate narratives to support interpretations) of DS to effectively support educational stakeholders to make sense of their data traces and make them actionable to improve their practice.

Topics of interest

Researchers are invited to submit their data storytelling work, including case studies, interactive visualisations, and narrative-driven stories.

  • Data storytelling for impact: How can data storytelling be used to communicate learning insights and inform students/teachers actions?
  • Developing and evaluating methods and methodologies of data storytelling: What are the most effective ways to tell learning/teaching stories with data?
  • Evaluating and measuring the impact of data storytelling approaches on learning outcomes: How can we measure the effectiveness of data storytelling in different learning contexts?
  • Designing and implementing automated data storytelling tools and techniques: Can we develop tools and techniques to automate the process of creating learning/teaching stories?
  • Addressing bias and fairness in data storytelling approaches: How can we ensure that learning/teaching stories are fair and accurate representations of reality?

This list is not exhaustive, and we encourage you to submit your ideas for other data storytelling topics.

Important dates for DS-LAK24

  • Workshop Paper Submission: 16 Dec 2023
  • Workshop Paper Notification: 13 Jan 2024
  • Deadline for camera-ready version: 29 Jan 2024

The accepted papers will be published in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings, but workshop papers are not included in the Companion Proceedings of LAK2024.

Submission Guidelines

Submnission types:

  • Short papers: The minimum length of a short paper should be five pages (=2500 chars per page)
  • Long papers: Long regular papers should be at least 10 pages.

Preparing your Full or Short paper submission

DS-LAK24 will use a double-blind peer review process

Use the CEUR templates:

Please upload your submission via: https://easychair.org/

CFP from Easychair: https://easychair.org/cfp/DS-LAK24

Remove all identifying information: Submissions should omit author names, affiliations, acknowledgements